There are many false gods in this world, but only ONE true GOD .
His name?  YHVH ELOHIM. He is the GOD /ELOHIM of all gods,
the LORD / ADONAI of all lords, the KING /MELECH of all kings.
He is the MOST HIGH GOD. He is ONE there is none else.
He is the ONE, Who sent His MESSIAH / MASHIACH
to save people from their sins.
Though YESHUA is the Messiah's original God - given name,
most are more familiar with the name  JESUS.

He came to rescue, deliver and transform the souls
of ALL the inhabitants of the world.
People from every nation, every tribe and every tongue.

The message of SALVATION ( yeshu-ah is the noun ) is for EVERYONE.
YESHUA is the manifest God ~ He is YHVH manifest.

"And YHVH will be King over all the earth and in that day,
the LORD /YHVH shall be ONE and His name ONE"
ZacharYah / Zechariah 14: 9

YESHUA is the shortened form of the name: YAHOSHUA
YAHOSHUA in english is the name: JOSHUA
YAHOSHUA is literally the combined name of YHVH and YESHUA.

Though there are some who would say, YESHUA is not the Messiah,
Wisdom would say,
There are also those who would tell you it is wrong to even ask.
God, however, invites us to ask.
"Ask a sign for yourself from the Lord your God; ask it either in the depth or in the height above."
YishaYahu / Isaiah 7:11